Texas born & California raised, in Alameda, Patrick Baker aka “The Dark Sea” lives in Austin, TX. Patrick grew up between two musical worlds: his parents record collection from the pop/rock of 60’s and rock/hiphop of the 90’s. 

Patrick used to bring his guitar with him to high school every day and spent 6 hours a day playing guitar. While studying jazz at SF State and songwriting at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles, he played guitar in bands in the Bay Area before moving to LA to learn music production from Cre8 Academy in Hollywood. He’s spent the last few years songwriting and producing for local artists around town. 

“The Dark Sea” writes emotionally honest lyrics dealing with his struggles with depression, loneliness, interpersonal relationships, and social issues. The sound has been described as Pavement fronting the Foo Fighters. He borrows the dynamics and a lot of the clean/distorted heaviness from the early-mid 90’s era. 

“I never intended to be a singer. I was always frustrated with writing songs for others to sing so I decided to learn how to sing a few years back. One of other my goals is to inspire people to play guitar as well.” 

Patrick grew up listening to some of the best guitar riff music: Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, and Metallica mostly because he wasn’t sure there’s anything sexier than a great riff. 

Currently influenced by Red hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles and Smashing Pumpkins, his next project will have a more urban flavor with lots of guitars because he is on a 90’s alt rock kick right now. 

Recently, he released his 1st release as the Dark Sea “My Brother’s Keeper” and a Leonard Cohen cover and under his producer handle Pbutter, you can take a listen to “You Want It Darker”. Look for his upcoming alt rock EP in the next few months.

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